Optimizations and boring stuff

Well. Easter finally happened, and I ended up spending most of my time doing something boring. At least, partly. But quite important, nevertheless.

I implemented a full “document”-structure in the TRSE editor. This includes

  • Having projects (with individual settings)
  • Having multiple documents open
  • Displaying labels of said documents
  • Project and global settings
  • Fixing annoying bugs in the editor GUI
  • New level editor data format
  • Optimizing image displaying routines (threads going haywire etc)
  • Remembering open files, recent projects etc

On the compiler side, the following stuff was added

  • Updating checks for errors from Dasm
  • Rewriting new cycle routines
  • The best part: optimizing conditionals. I realized that like, 80% of my conditionals were simple “if a>b then…” , so you really don’t need the full check with logical conditionals. In addition, I added a check on whether the main block had more than ~80 instructions (on average, 128 bytes), and if this was the case, just use regular bcc etc to jup to false conclusions. This basically decreased the code size of *all* tutorial with 15%, and increased both my speed & happiness by about 20%.

But in the end, I realized how much I hate writing GUI-stuff. Luckily, most of the required shenanigans are now implemented, and I just need to test for bugs (while actually developing the game)



I’m constantly updating the tutorial game, and yay, it is getting *bigger*. However, after the recent optimizations, the code size was actually decreased by about 25%, while speed increased almost as much. Which is good. I guess.

I’m currently shifting focus from GUI and editor document updates to actually finishing the tutorial game, but as usual, I am hitting new bugs and stuff. Like, I realized that I don’t have enough memory to actually include an intro screen, which is about ~10kb. sucks, but what can you do. The levels currently occupy 16kb of memory, and I’m thinking about new ways to optimize the data storage. But that is for a later post. Now I need to fetch another beer.

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