Mid-easter madness

So I really love writing compilers, procedural graphics routines and stuff like that. However, writing GUI is more of a hassle. That’s why everything is now properly simplified with OOP.

This now implies that every type of drawing, from the level editor, multicolor images, sprites and character sets are now structured in such a way that the code is well-structured and just.. smooth.

Anyways, a few new features:

Sprite editor

Multicolor only, but easy to fix. Also need to add an option to export only a select number of sprites.

Character editor

Previously, character sets were basically just multicolor images. Kinda annoying when drawing individual chars, especially when considering repeating tiles. You can now display individual chars, 2×2 blocks or 2×2 repeat blocks.

Example of a 3×3 grid of repeating tiles. In addition, you can copy and paste characters (and sprites).

Level editor

The level editor is greatly improved, now with better data input – including header titles (so you don’t have to remember what each row does). You can specify the data headers in the project file.

Other stuff

  • Bugfixes in the project systems/recent projects.
  • Settings with paths to emulator/dasm
  • Improved compiler output
  • Improved optimizer (both post-processing and internal optimizer)
  • Better error handling
  • Tutorial game about 50% complete. Will be pretty hard.
  • Tutorial game intro & game over screen
  • Fixed a SID bug error

During a cabin trip the next couple of days, I hope to fill in a couple of missing stuff:

  • More general settings
  • About
  • GUI Notifications / messaging
  • Help
  • Rewrite some internal built-in-function load/save asm variable structures.. currently a mess, because I didn’t know how to to it at first. (LoadVar a/LoadIndex xy)
  • non-multicolor sprites and charsets

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