Turbo Rascal SE Tutorials

Turbo Rascal SE tutorials

Setup & introduction

Tutorial 1: Hello World

Tutorial 2: Randomness Ahoy!

Tutorial 3: Plasma Schmasma

Tutorial 4: On Spirits and Sound

Tutorial 5: Raster Interrupts, pesky raster bars & sid music

Tutorial 6: Multicolor images for the masses

Tutorial 7: Smooth scrolling & mode madness: displaying multicolor images with text

Tutorial 8: Full-screen smooth vertical scrolling with colors

Tutorial 9: Tutorial 8 continued with multicolor sprites and sprite collisions

Tutorial 10: Simple image effects: Raster bar splitting & fading out

Tutorial Game: Rogue Burger One

(Level designer is currently in development)

Tutorial 11: Multicolor characters & screen creation

Tutorial 12: TRSE Labyrinth Level Designer

Tutorial 13: Moving around

Tutorial 13: Items, Monsters

Tutorial 14: Putting it all together: Intro screen, music & game over

Tutorial Game 2: Side Scroller


Tutorial N+1 : Full-screen scrolling