Always wanted to develop stuff for the C64? Perhaps porting PUBG to MOS6502 assembler? But tired of trying to figure out what you actually implemented in assembler last night while you were drunk? No fear – TSRE contains a fully semi-working version of our powerful Rascal compiler. Here’s the workflow:

  1. Write programs in Rascal using our built-in syntax-highlighted editor
  2. Compile directly to DASM assembler by pressing CTRL+B, and watch as DASM ferociously tries to squeeze some C64 binary code from the generated assembly output.
  3. Press CTRL+R to run the code in your grandmother’s favorite emulator, such as VICE
  4. Bewilder in astonishment as you encounter horrible bugs that will crash your emulator to new heights

The TRSE Project Editor

Turbo Rascal SE contains a modern, syntax-highlighted editor that lets you edit, search, and compile files in a specified project folder. Did we mention that syntax highlightning? In addition, the TRSE editor also shows the cycle count of all blocks/statements, as is seen in this editor screenshot : (far-right block, yellow text)