Image, sprite and level editor

Image processing, creation and editing.

Just like photoshop – or, like a very stunted retarded younger offspring of photoshop.

Using the C64 palette (or any other user-defined indexed palette), you can create/import either fake C64 images or stick to the real thing: C64 MultiColor+HiRes format. Don’t let the limitations limit yourself! Export as regular image, binary formats or direct-to-assembler.

Example of a C64 Multicolor (imported) image that is modified using various brushes. Currently supports Pen Brush, Dithered brush, spray, fill, lines and copy. Color parameters can be tweaked at import, with parameters such as blur, color restrictions, HSV, gamma, brightness and saturation.

When the image is done, it can be exported directly to C64 assembler and executed as such:

Rascal Editor & compiler